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What does philosophy have to do with everyday life?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

As a philosophy professor, it is a duty and calling of mine to make philosophy widely understood. It has the power to change our world and ourselves if we are open to it. Philosophy allows us to grapple with our identities, the political sphere, and morality. We attempt to understand the human condition, reality, animal ethics, the purpose of government and society, and so much more through philosophy. Philosophy is deeply ingrained in our everyday lives as we search for truth, knowledge, and justice. We search for why, how, and what everyday starting as curious children but this curiosity never ends.

Philosophy has helped me personally in my life as a human, woman, educator, and thinker. I'd like to share these insights and applications with you. Enjoy exploring my applied philosophy website and the services I can offer as a public philosopher ranging from philosophy videos to speaking engagements. Thank you for visiting!

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